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Clear adhesive lines adhere linear craft supplies with no need for messy liquid glue or dangerous hot glue! Two continuous lines allow you to cut the length to size! These lines of glue are perfect for heavier linear embellishments such as; cardstock paper strips, ribbon, twill tape, paper borders and other long embellishments. 

Features & Benefits:

1/8 in wide x 24 ft x approx 1/16 in thick (0.3175 cm x 7.32 m x 0.159 cm)
24 feet of adhesive lines
Photo Safe
Crystal clear, double sided adhesive
Easy to use roll!  Just press your object to the Zip, peel it off the liner, and then place it to your project.
Proudly made in the USA! 
Zips™ are available in 2 different sizes: Ultrathin and Craft.
For strongest bond:
Use on clean, dry surface.