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Dina Wakley Media Journal Bands feature original artwork by Dina Wakley. Great for holding your Dina Wakley Media Journal closed or to bookmark your favorite page. These high-quality, colorful elastics are sized to fit the Dina Wakley Media Journals perfectly. Available in three packs of 2, one set measuring 1Ì_Ì_•À_ x 13.5Ì_Ì_•À_ for use with the Large Dina Wakley Media Journal, one set measuring 1Ì_Ì_•À_ x 9.5Ì_Ì_•À_ for use with the Dina Wakley Media Journal, and one set measuring 1Ì_Ì_•À_ x 5.875Ì_Ì_•À_ for use with the Square Dina Wakley Media White Journal.