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Our amazing Moonstone die range is now expanding further with the stunning new relatives die set – a core addition to our range.

Relatives die set  includes a wide variety of words such as “You, God, Us, Friend, Fiancee, My, Step, Of, From, To”, etc, that will link up with its relatives names such as “Auntie, Uncle, In-law, Parents, Brother, Sister, Wife, Husband, Cousin, Boyfriend”, etc.  Grandad, Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny and Cousin are also included.

The relatives names and other words in the very useful Relatives die set can be used to make a huge variety of projects, so it’s a great staple in any die-cutter’s stash.

The dies feature a gorgeous level of detail and give a fantastic crisp, clean finish. You can use them with plain plain card, coloured card, Mirri card, papers and more to create limitless unique looks on your projects.

Largest die size: 5.6cm x 1.3cm

Smallest die size: 0.6cm x 0.8cm