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HEALTH OF MIND – RIVER CAST ULTRA SLOW is a 2-part epoxy resin system. It is designed as an easy to use 2:1 mix ratio by volume. RIVER CAST US is specifically formulated for deep casting applications, and is ideal for river tables, casting, and embedding. HOM RIVER CAST US has a very low peak exotherm and an extended pot life. HOM RIVER CAST US exhibits a low viscosity, allowing for excellent bubble release . 

  • Low viscosity

  • Excellent bubble release

  • Self levelling

  • Low exotherm

  • High clarity and low colour

  • Great cured properties

You will be asking the main difference between RIVER CAST AND RIVER CAST US , the answer is "not much" but a few subtle differences , RIVER CAST US has a lower viscosity and a slightly longer cure time ( refer to the TDS ) giving it maximum opportunity for amazing clarity . RIVER CAST US has a shore hardness of 80D making it a little less harsh on cutters and blades . The longer cure time makes it an ideal epoxy for those working in warmer conditions , however it does not make it bullet proof so please look at the data guides that come with the resin to maximise your chances of a great pour . Both are brilliant deep casting resins that are slightly different in the chemistry,  in terms of the way they are mixed and poured nothing changes , you will mainly notice the slower cure and lower exotherm, patience is the key to amazing results fast curing epoxies poured in layers  cant produce the amazing results our deep formulas can , remember to get crystal clear finish you want the resin curing as slowly as it can keeping that heat down .

For applications exceeding 50mm deep, use in a temperature controlled environment is strongly advised. For all other pours please follow the guidelines and dont  be pouring in conditions in excess of the 25 degrees for larger volume pours , the size of your pour will determine the risk.

Avoid working in conditions that could cause condensation to form on the uncured coating, and give rise to amine surface “bloom” or “blush”. Do not thin this product. Do not change the mixing ratio.



HOM RIVER CAST US can accept a broad range of powdered pigments and liquid tinters, however HOM’s range of pigments and tinters are recommended to achieve the best results.