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Handmade designer tags are a wonderful way to adorn special gifts, or to tuck into pockets on one of kind greeting cards or scrapbook albums. Perfectly designed to coordinate with the pre-printed tags and tickets in all of the Heartfelt Creations decorative paper collections, these versatile dies are ideal for making light work in trimming out those decorative elements, as well as branching out with creating and layering your very own special design through use of the decorative tag topper, reinforcement and decorative strips!í«ÌÎ_í«ÌÎ_


Product Info:í«ÌÎ_
Approx. Image Sizes:í«ÌÎ_í«ÌÎ_
1. Tag 1: 4.25‰?óÁÌ_•À_ x 3.0‰?óÁÌ_•À_
2. Tag 2: 4.0‰?óÁÌ_•À_ x 2.5‰?óÁÌ_•À_
3. Tag Topper: 3.0‰?óÁÌ_•À_ x 1.75‰?óÁÌ_•À_
4. Reinforcement: 2.0‰?óÁÌ_•À_ x .5‰?óÁÌ_•À_
5. Ticket 1: 2.0‰?óÁÌ_•À_ x 1.0‰?óÁÌ_•À_
6. Ticket 2: 2.0‰?óÁÌ_•À_ x 1.25‰?óÁÌ_•À_
7. Ticket 3: 2.0‰?óÁÌ_•À_ x 1.0‰?óÁÌ_•À_
8. Decorative Strip 1: 6.25‰?óÁÌ_•À_ x 2.0‰?óÁÌ_•À_
9. Decorative Strip 2: 5.75‰?óÁÌ_•À_ x .5‰?óÁÌ_•À_