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Sculpey Bead Making Kit, 10 Pieces.    # AS2050

The Bead Making Kit provides all the essential tools needed to make beautiful beads.

Kit includes:  Clay Baking Cushion: Reusable cushion perfect for baking beads to avoid distortion and shiny bottoms.

400/800 grit wet/dry sandpaper:  Create a smooth finish to bake beads. Also can be used to texture unbaked clay.

Blades:  Makes clean, straight cuts and edges.

Circle Cutter: Helps make the same size bead every time.

Needle Tool:  Used to pierce unbaked beads.  Also good for texturing, fine detail and patterns.

Lentil Bead Tool:  Used to creative lentil shaped beads.

Clay Roller:  Essential tool for rolling smooth, even sheets of clay.

Storage Pouch;  Bonus pouch holds all the tools for quick and easy storage.  Perfect for on the go crafters.